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Renewal Vibes

Well, well, well, look who's now forty.

This morning, the last day of my birthday month, I awakened to nature whispering my name. I don't know if you've ever experienced such a feeling, but it's literally like a magnetic force pulling you in, and you cannot (and do not) want to resist; you're all in. So I left my city girl life for a moment, and got lost in the gentle escape of nature.

This is not a feeling that I am unfamiliar with, but being that it was the first time that it happened to me at age forty, and on a Sunday, I quickly adopted and embraced it, dubbing the morning, "Renewal Vibes."

As I hopped out of my Lyft with the eagerness of a young child on their first day of school, I felt the welcoming spirit of Mother Earth wash over me; the air was crisp, and my senses heightened.

It was a chilly 48 degrees, and a lovely, Pacific Northwest style grey morning. I took deep breaths, taking in the subtle ripples that the ducks created as they gracefully created a work of art, traveling in a group of eight. There was a rhythm to the way that they glided across the lake, and I took note. They appeared peaceful... In the moment, cell phone free... FREE.

Lucky Ducks.

Although not addicted to my cell phone, I conduct business with it, so I tend to check it often; and naturally, that is when one loses the moment. You find yourself angry at yourself, but at the same time, checking it is a necessary evil.

At this moment, I put away the cell phone, took out my Canon, and got snap happy.

Lost in the moment.

Lost in the trees.

Lost in the rhythm of the ripples of the lake.

My soundtrack went from The Spinners , via Apple Music, to acapella duck and geese medleys.

I was lost in the moment, and completely full, as I successfully captured renewal vibes, via meditation, and the sweet sounds of nature.

A true child of nature, when Mother Nature called this morning, I answered on the first ring.

I feel honored knowing that my soul has such a rich, grounded connection with the Earth. When I need that time to step away and renew, there is a natural process set up within my soul that allows me to do so.

Marci Lundy is the Founder of 303 Face | Body, and the creator of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness.

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