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Face It.

As we are nine days into the new year, the full speed ahead momentum is continuing, per usual. 

Once a decision is made to turn over a new leaf, or try another route, I tend to make the decision ASAP. The time is now, and there’s simply no need to procrastinate. That being said, new practices are in place that started prior to the new year, and it’s been wonderful, as things that are old are resurfacing as new practices, and I’ve been integrating these practices into the skincare line, the care of the house of 303, as well as the relationships that I hold near and dear to my heart.

Let’s face it.. 2017 was pretty amazing. I set the bar quite high, and actually exceeded my own expectations. I love a great challenge, and it will be great fun to conquer a couple as 2018 carries on.

Love and happiness, 

Marci C, Founder, 303 Face | Body

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