Do You See What I See? (The Wrap Up)

The past week saw many of us reflecting on Easter, and being with loved ones. Also another reason for excessive food, friends, family, and fun. Now, let's take a look at the bigger picture.. Are you a person that only becomes friendly, cooks, or takes a moment for people during a holiday? Like many, I love technology, but coming from perhaps the last generation of kids that went from k-12 without cell phones, iPads, etc.. there's a very large part of me that is old fashioned, actually, let's rename that.. classic. Stationary, pleasant little notes via snail mail letting dear friends and family know that you're thinking of them are a lot better than an inbox message on Facebook.. or a text. A

#FeelingFriday It's All About You

Have moments of confidence, sans guilt. A lot of times in life, confidence...... (not arrogance)..... Confidence can be misread... which is quite horrible. Why should anyone be punished or vilified for feeling happy and content with themselves and what they're achieving? Take your power back, I mean after all, its yours. Never, ever, EVER feel the need to downplay your success, your gifts, or your dreams. The moment a person can distinguish confidence from arrogance, you're in the game AND winning. One of the greatest and most fulfilling things about life is achieving, and damn it, feel good about it! Anyone that tries to downplay or dismiss what you're doing... guess what? That's sour grape

The Recipe Files- Squash That: Things that Go Yum in the Night.

Seafood and veggies... so delicious, and the guilt factor when delighting in them is slim to none. Combining the two is even better! One of my favorite dinners is stuffed spaghetti squash. This particular time I used sweet dumpling squash, but mostly any squash will work. Here's what you'll need: 1 lb fresh shrimp 4 tsp pineapple white balsamic vinagrette 2 tsp pink himalayan salt 4 fresh garlic cloves 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese 1 cup sesame seed oil 1 cup fresh parmesan You'll first need to cut the squash in half, using a spoon to scoop out all seeds. Coat the inside of the squash with sesame seed oil, and place in an oven that's preheated to 375 degrees for 30 minutes. Remove and le

#WellnessWednesday: The Feels

Life stands still for no one, and in our quest to keep moving and push through whatever emotion we may be dealing with, we can unfortunately lose touch with our true feelings, which is unhealthy. This will sound strange, but one of the things I actually enjoy about my cycle is getting in touch with feelings that I may have set aside (or not even realize that I had) during other days in the month. This doesn't mean that I literally cry over spilled milk, but I find that I am very aware of concerns, loved ones, and personal decisions during this time, and I allow myself to feel and deal with whatever the thought or concern may be accordingly. I look at it as another opportunity to become cente

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