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#FeelingFriday It's All About You

Have moments of confidence, sans guilt.

A lot of times in life, confidence...... (not arrogance)..... Confidence can be misread... which is quite horrible. Why should anyone be punished or vilified for feeling happy and content with themselves and what they're achieving?

Take your power back, I mean after all, its yours. Never, ever, EVER feel the need to downplay your success, your gifts, or your dreams. The moment a person can distinguish confidence from arrogance, you're in the game AND winning. One of the greatest and most fulfilling things about life is achieving, and damn it, feel good about it! Anyone that tries to downplay or dismiss what you're doing... guess what? That's sour grapes. If you're not boasting, but living and thriving, keep going!

The field of dreams is limitless, and goes as far as the eye can see... and beyond. Enjoy your life, relish in achievements, and feel how wonderful it is to thrive.

Marci C. Lundy is the Founder and CEO of 303 Face | Body.

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