Will Break ( for Salad.)

The holiday season has been in effect for quite some time now, and most of us have delighted in a number of cookies, nuts, chocolates, candies.. everything dubbed 'holiday goodness.' Well, things are no different here in the Lundy household, so this evening I decided to go light(er) with a scallop and romaine based dinner salad. Yes, of course it was delicious! Here's what you'll need: Romaine Hearts ( 1 bunch and a half should do it, chopped.) Fresh Scallops ( 1 half lb. to a lb., depending on how many you're serving.) Pitted Black Olives (1 Cup, sliced.) String Cheese ( 1 Cup, shredded.) Dates ( 1/2 Cup, sliced.) Hard Boiled Eggs ( 3 to 4, sliced.) While slicing and chopping the ingredien

You're Just Too Good to be True.

T'is the season to enjoy holiday nail color, fa la la la la.. or maybe not. All of the products made by 303 Face | Body contain fresh butters, oils, and herbs, promoting the healthiest and purest skin, hair and nails. I am not only a 303 Face | Body client, I'm also the Founder. I gain nothing by trying to make up how great the product is, I simply use the products daily, reflecting the benefits in my presentation of make up free skin....... and polish free nails. The Lavandula Nail Humectant is promoted as being fresh and natural, creating a beautiful, healthy nail bed, as well as healthy cuticles. Not only is this a factoid, but it is so accurate that I've been trying to wear a few fun nai

Hey Good Looking, Look Who Got Cooking!

Let me first say that I've been thoroughly enjoying this less is more moment! Though still busy, I temporarily took a bit off of my plate because hello... I DO A LOT!! It feels weird and awkward not doing as much at times, but it is ESSENTIAL in order to keep that stride strong. Sooo, this evening I made a little somethin somethin.. baked honey garlic mushroom chicken w/ cottage cheese. It was AMAZE, and let me tell you how to make it: First, preheat oven to 350. You'll need : 8 portabella mushrooms, chopped. 2 tsp honey (to drizzle on top of chicken breasts.) 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts. 1 cup walnuts. 2 tsp black pepper. 2 tsp garlic salt. 2 cups cottage cheese. Prepare pan and f

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