A Celebration. A Dedication. A Realization. .... coming soon. #MORETHANMAGIC

Sunday's Seafood Vermicelli

During the holidays, my husband and I frequented a specialty market here by the the name of Tony's. It never fails that you'll find something amazing at this market when you're looking to create an impressive meal. We happened upon this mediterranean mix of seafood and knew that once the holidays were over, we were going to whip up something delicious. ... and we did. Sunday's Seafood Vermicelli consists of: 1 cup, mussels 1 cup, scallops 1 cup, squid 1 cup, clams 1 cup, shrimp 4 tsp, capers 4 tsp, black pepper 1 cup, extra virgin olive oil 1 cup, grated parmesan 2 tsp, alaea salt 1 cup, cilantro 1 cup, whipped butter (salted) 1/2 package, vermicelli 4 tsp, garlic salt 1/2, lemon Boil noodle

Before Clarity Was the Star of the Show.

The following post is influenced by something that came up while out with my mother this week, along with thoughts I'll have every now and then about my life ten years ago. First of all, let me just boast about how wonderful it is to sit in a place of clarity, able to speak from a place of love, make decisions with a peaceful heart and mind, and to love the reality of being nearly two years from forty. The photo above is from the year 2007. I was 27, in a cute little studio in the valley, a cute four year old domestic short hair fur child named Dutchess ruled the place.. and in a relationship with a south central native that could have been written for a soap opera, really. I was happy, grow

When the Writers Block of Recipe Ideas Happens.. Hello, Hello Fresh.

I spend a decent amount of time creating recipes, simply because creating different meals is a form of art in its own right, but sometimes.. I suffer from either focusing on something else and draw a blank for tasty dinner ideas..... ...or I just do not feel like cooking altogether. Anywhooo.. Last month I received an email from Hello Fresh informing me that my sister had ordered a box for me. "How cool is this!" I said as I read about just what Hello Fresh is. Since a considerable amount of the month was spent entertaining, I set the schedule up for the meals to come at months end. Hello.. Hello Fresh, I must say that I am THOROUGHLY impressed. I think you may have very well one this lady o

*Cue Madonna Singing* Holidaaay! On Being Suzy Homemaker During the Holidays.

Okay.. first things first, let me keep it real and honest here.. I LOVE BEING SUZY HOMEMAKER.. ALL OF THE TIME. One of the things I enjoy most in life is the ability to do and be whoever the hell I want, doing whatever the hell I want. I love having a company, being a photog chick, and tending to the loft that I share with my husband. Over the holidays, spending time with beloved friends was priority numero uno, and lots of holiday treats, wines, brandy and rum happened. Oh hello, my darling angel! How 'do, my handsome soldier boys! I literally almost cried because I did not want to take down the holiday decorations last week. I also.. however.. did not want to be the person that kept them u

Running.. With Mind Planted Firmly in Place.. Or is it?

Great Escapes. Extensive Travel. Vacations. Getaways. Is one truly getting away for peace of mind? For time to connect with earth? With self? Ones surroundings? Ones loved ones? Or IS ONE RUNNING? Not as in a jog at 5:30 a.m. each morning. As in running to get the best this.. the best that.. the first this.. the first that. 'Humble brag' rights? 'Photo Op' rights? "I was the first one to do this or that..' rights? "I hope so-and-so is watching.." rights? "I wonder if 'X' will think this is okay.." rights? Running.. With feet planted firmly on the ground. Mind, Racing. Never Pacing. First to do all accept Get It Together. One can run.. .. but one cannot hide ones unresolved issues. Simply add

Herbs are the Spice of Life.

Naturally fresh spearmint. The woody nature of chicory. The aromatic positivity carried through notes of cinnamon. The sweet zest of grapefruit peel. 303 Face | Body welcomes 2017 with the excitement of being an herbalist, as well as special attention focused on enhancing 303's skincare line with an assortment of portable herbal healing powers with a new aromatherapy line. Exhilaration, quick pick-me-ups, and assistance with migraines and various other health ailments. Pure. You. M Lundy is the Founder of 303 Face | Body, as well as Creator of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness.

New Beginnings

The year 2016 closed with- .. A sense of loss for those that meant so much to us that were taken away.. .. A sense of pride for that which was accomplished.. .. A sense of love and loyalty to those that hold special places in our hearts.. .. A sense of calm as the sun set on not only the end of the day, but the end of the year.. .... and ultimately, a sense of happiness, for new beginnings. M Lundy is the Founder of 303 Face | Body, as well as the creator of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness.

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