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Sunday's Seafood Vermicelli

During the holidays, my husband and I frequented a specialty market here by the the name of Tony's. It never fails that you'll find something amazing at this market when you're looking to create an impressive meal.

We happened upon this mediterranean mix of seafood and knew that once the holidays were over, we were going to whip up something delicious.

... and we did.

Sunday's Seafood Vermicelli consists of:

1 cup, mussels

1 cup, scallops

1 cup, squid

1 cup, clams

1 cup, shrimp

4 tsp, capers

4 tsp, black pepper

1 cup, extra virgin olive oil

1 cup, grated parmesan

2 tsp, alaea salt

1 cup, cilantro

1 cup, whipped butter (salted)

1/2 package, vermicelli

4 tsp, garlic salt

1/2, lemon

Boil noodles in medium high pot of water.

Rinse seafood and sautè on low heat in skillet, using 1 tsp of the whipped butter, squeezing lemon over seafood.

*You can remove seafood from heat, returning when noodles are boiling and 70-80 percent complete.* Once you return the seafood to (now) medium heat, add whipped butter, capers, cilantro, pepper and garlic salt- stir.

Once blended, set seafood mixture aside. Drain noodles. Add olive oil to noodles- stir. Once noodles are coated, add seafood blend to pasta, mix together.

After plating, top with a sprinkling of alaea salt, and a generous sprinkling of parmesan.

Bon Appetite!

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