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TEA-SER: Cherry + Peony Bliss

With overnight temps sneaking down into the forties a few nights ago, I was once again reminded that fall is right around the corner, and my excitement for introducing my newest tea blend for the fall heightened.

Cherries and peonies come together for a light, fruity + floral delight for your morning, afternoon, or evening tea.

A loose leaf tea to calm the senses.

Cherry + Peony Bliss, by 303 Face | Body.

New Zen Photo Mugs by 303 F|B are also on their way for fall..

Luminescent Peonies, a 303 Face | Body Zen Photography Mug.

Sunflower Sway, a 303 Face | Body Zen Photography Mug.

303 Face | Body is happy to give a sneak peak of a few of the beauties that are coming soon.

M Lundy is the Founder and CEO of 303 Face | Body, and creator of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness. When not working on the company or blogging, you may have caught her sipping tea any one day over the past 13 years that she was mom to one of the prettiest, most charismatic little fur babies around. I love you, little girl. It's you.. and me.. forever.


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