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Wellness Wednesday: The Peace Within (and Out)

... and taking care of of our external body, our temple, is equally important.

Self care consists of a myriad of different things, and often times we find ourselves neglecting our temple. "Oh I've got to plan a spa weekend one of these days." Well putting that spa weekend off is not taking care of the current wear and tear that you're experiencing. Taking a spa moment for yourself is easier than you think, and you can experience that luxurious feeling at home.

Start with AloeSpea Body Wrap, by 303 Face | Body, which is currently featured in the Wellness edition of Organic Spa Magazine. This aloe and spearmint based wrap will both moisturize and enlighten your senses. Apply liberally to body (for external use only.) Leave on for 30 minutes, you'll fall in love with the amazing cooling sensation, while your skin will begin to feel wonderfully smooth and taut. Rinse away in bath (or shower.)

After rinsing off the AloeSpea wrap, exfoliate and cleanse with the Hibiscus Bath Bar by 303. A nature based exfoliant that will rid your skin of dead skin cells.

Once you've enjoyed an invigorating shower, lock in that newfound moisture your skin possesses with the Revitalizing Lime Repair Moisturizer by 303 F | B.

You'll not only be amazed with how wonderful your skin feels, YOU will feel wonderful after showing your temple a little TLC, via 303.

Marci Lundy is the Founder and CEO of 303 Face | Body.

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