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Fridays find all of us wrapping up the work week, connecting with others, allowing ourselves to unravel a bit after a full week.

At 303 Face | Body, we're starting #FeelingFriday, not only a feeling, but a movement. Feeling Friday is about wrapping up the week and peacefully settling into a weekend of zen. Technology has allowed us to never really leave work, not even on the weekends. We're ALWAYS connected, which is not a horrible thing, but remember balance, disconnecting for a bit, which means responsibly make time for you.

I love the picture of these rocks balancing. No matter how heavy the weight is on your shoulders to meet a deadline, organize an event, etc... balance your thoughts and feel your way through. I'll write that again, FEEL your way through. Don't stress, don't yell, don't rush. At the end of the workday on Friday, you really want to leave work feeling content with all projects and feeling ready to go into your weekend truly enjoying yourself with a mind free and clear of any unfinished issues....

... and you'll be fully able to enjoy natural, splendid beauty feeling comfortable about everything.

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