Like a Flower: Growth

As I Carrie Bradshaw the evening away on this last day of September, I am happily reflective.

Some 6 years ago, I made a decision. That decision has lead to countless hours of brainstorming and projects for an artsy fartsy individual who loves to create. The decision has allowed for a love of photography and beauty products to marry together and develop a company. From Montage by Marci, which initially specialized in photography, to 303 Dolls by Montage by Marci, which began to incorporate a handful of charming homemade goods.

303 Dolls Face | Body became the company name as photography, though ever present, began to be a tool in the process of growing the skincare line, and less about the photographer and my landscape photography.

Through the various farmers markets, fairs, and bazaars, I began to.... although appreciative of those venues, sit, look around, and realize that I wanted the company to grow.... and to go in a different direction. I wanted it to be modern.. more sexy....

.... less folksy.

303 Face | Body was born, and it moved in the direction of what I had spent many a day thinking of as I mentally mapped out my plans. A modern, high end, organic skincare line.. Spa Grade. Handmade. Pure. You.

Nationwide Infomercial Spots;

Private Label Distribution;

Mass Marketing;

Mass Retailer Production;

The New Face of 303 F | B.

September, 2011.

September, 2017.

Marci, 303 Dolls Face and Body, 2014.

Marci, 303 Face | Body, 2017.