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Happiness Quota

I've been operating in a space of happiness for so long, that I not only cannot shake it, I refuse to let anyone that's around me feel anything other than happiness.

I've also come to the realization that for some, this may be annoying.

Weighing positives over negatives is crucial at all times, especially now, as thinking of the goings on in the world could really make ones head spin; however, choosing to look on the bright side is not only healthy, but contagious.

The creative juices are flowing here at the House of 303.

I called it as soon as we went into lockdown back in early March. At that time, I did not know just what was going to transpire, but even in a moment of uncertainty and despair, there was promise.

Concerned with the children that are unable to have all of the appropriate tools for remote learning, I obsessed over how I could help. Through Kindness Rocks and the City, Kindness Rocks and the City Cares was born. Online rock painting courses, as well as sip and paint courses and wellness renewal courses will fill my late summer/early autumn roster, giving 50% of sales to providing proper learning materials in the homes of those children that are less fortunate.

Since childhood, I'd have literal dreams of composing melodies, as well as being asleep, watching my dreams like a movie, and waking up wishing I'd been able to record the dream; as they've always played out as stories. Aware of this for many, many years, I've documented most everything as a tale, and as I inch toward my 42nd year, I'm fully aware that it's time to put this large part of my being to work.

That being said, Virgoan Films was born.

In sadness, and uncertainty, there is joy. It may not feel easy to find the joy for some, but if you happen to know a person that is always, "Looking on the bright side," please do not scoff or ignore them, they simply want you to take a deep breath, smile, and think of the endless possibilities. Trust me, I know.

Marci Lundy is the Founder of 303 Face | Body, Kindness Rocks and the City, as well as Virgoan Films.


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