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Growth Welcome Here.

As I glance at the calendar in amazement of the realization that July is almost over, I also smile in appreciation and acceptance of the changes that I am fully aware of as my yearly transformation has begun, as it always does, a few months prior to my birthday.

This year, an awareness of how ones positive growth can cause others to act negatively is not only heightened, but hilarious, if you will.

For many, many years, I've been completely aware of the fact that being negative gets you NOWHERE. As I grow 303 Face | Body, explore my writing career, etc, my level of excitement for all possibilities is through the roof, and noticing the actions of those that always saw themselves as the "example" being threatened to some degree, well that is ever-present....

...... and I use that as fuel.

I'm completely aware that there is always room for growth, more opportunities, and unlimited success. The myriad of open doors in this world for so many, thrills me. There is room for all, and if one is unable to accept the fact that others are capable of not only succeeding, but also surpassing the examples of others, well darlings, you're going to get left in the dust.

Positivity is always the way to go.

Dub it naïveté. Dub it eccentric.

I'll tell you, its neither.

Dub it positive. Dub it full of hope. Dub it open minded.

Or, simply take notes; the best things in life are indeed free, and if you're lucky enough to know that, as well as acquire success, well you're ahead of the game.

Growth; it's not simply a spurt of height and awareness that comes along during puberty. With each passing year, the growth and new discoveries unearthed by life's experiences are simply unmatched.


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