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An Introduction to Fabmo | for 303

This month, I'll turn 41, and as a woman in my forties, I love tending to my skin and finding the right shade of maroon for my lip shade just as much as I did as a 15 year old girl. That is why I created Fabmo | for 303.

An extension of my organic skincare line 303 Face | Body, Fabmo | for 303 highlights wellness, the "it" skincare products of the moment from the 303 line, and generally promotes self care and a positive way of life, all of which I live by.

An overall healthy mindset is important, and I think that the key to enjoying being a woman in todays world is loving and embracing who you are at every stage of your life. If you're taking care of mind, body, soul from the inside out, day in and day out, there is no need to try and hang on to your youth forever; it's an insult to the wisdom and knowledge you gain as you grow older. If you adopt a healthy mindset, a healthy lifestyle, and develop a healthy regimen to help you take care of your skin, helping to showcase your best self, mark my words; you will be just fine.

I promise.

Youth is awesome. Youth is fantastic. I was a lively, vivacious, beautiful girl in my twenties, but the knowledge and peace of mind that I have in my forties I would not trade for anything. Enjoy each year... each moment. Value yourself. Take care of yourself. From the inside out.

Fabmo | for 303 is here to help you do so.


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