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Green Scene.

Ten days into earth month.. seems that I literally just wrote my blog on the month being near.

Well, as all things green are on my mind a tad bit more than average, I'm pinpointing the spot (as well as the herbs) that I want to grow in my indoor herb garden. Super stoked about this.. as I shop weekly for fresh herbs, cannot wait to simply grow my own.

As much as I adore our loft, I loathe the fact that we do not have a balcony.. but I love options.. and the windows in the loft are tremendous (lol) and an indoor window garden box will work wonderfully!

-Pictured Above- Inspo (and green food porn) for ideas on what to add to my garden.. from the start of last years Farmers Market at Union Station.

As my mind wanders with anticipation, it also wanders with excitement for an upcoming adventure.. coming soon!

M Lundy is the Founder of 303 Face | Body, as well as Creator of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness.

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