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.. On Having Something(s) to Throw Yourself Into

That woman. She wants it all.. and stops at nothing to ensure that she gets just what she wants.

The current mood is very SJP on SATC.

The light of the laptop illuminates the room. A sufficient stock of tea and honey is on call as the current cup of herbs keeps my right side company.

Words are imprinted onto the blueprint of my brain faster than I can type them, and its deliciously frustrating.

Smooth jazz fills the headsets as my earbuds melodically dance to the sax and keyboard strokes.

Right brain domination with hints of left brain as sensibility and starving artist traits bicker amongst themselves.

Three books.


Three books is the plan.. within the next year. Go ahead, hold me accountable. I'm all in.

Becoming an underwriter. Yes. Yes.. and Yes. Remember the company name 303 F | B, NPR.

Beauty Box. My eyes sparkle and I grin devilishly. You could choose to join them, but beat them.. Make your own.


They're freeing.

They lift and separate.

It's all happening.

Right. Now.

This entry was a touch different than the rest, but stay tuned.

It will all make sense.

M Lundy is the creator of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness, as well as founder and CEO of 303 Face | Body.

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