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Hot Stone Therapy (Body Bar)

Hot Stone Massage is a massage technique that uses heated stones to relax and massage sore muscles. The stones can be used for their heat alone, or as massage tools used in combination with essential oils used in aromatherapy.

303 Face | Body Hot Stone Therapy Bar:

Black Stone is an excellent aid to help you to release any negativity that your day to day life may have caused. Rinse your stress away with this innovative black stone method. Most of us have experienced black stones at the spa, and the calming effects. The 303 Hot Stone Therapy Bar can be warmed by the water of your shower or bath, and gently massaged onto your body to alleviate stress. Enjoy the aromatic scent of blackberries and raspberries as you delight in the experience.

About three years ago, I made a decision to create a skincare product that had the purpose of offering a heated stone therapy that people could enjoy in their home, or a weekend getaway.. When getting to the spa was just not an option, there's no reason why you cannot bring the spa to you.

A blend of black stones, elderberries, and cucumber extract combine together to create the Hot Stone Therapy Bar.

This 4 oz wonder product can be used in either your shower or bath. Warm bar under medium to hot water for approximately one minute, then rub exfoliating side (elderberries) into the palm of your hand to start a gentle lather. Continue on by using the stone therapy side of the bar on areas of your body that are holding in stress. Massaging the bar and stones against your skin will offer a feeling of instant stress relief.

The scent of blackberries and raspberries will help to calm your senses. A best seller from 303 Face | Body, this stress reliever in a bar soap will not disappoint.

Marci Lundy is the creator of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness, as well as Founder and CEO of 303 Face | Body. A believer in stress relievers, you can find Marci trying her best to not cause others to stress out. :)

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