Color Coordination & Such.

Well, well, well. The picture below features the closet of a busy girl that crams her clothes into the closet, a myriad of rainbow colored hangers, and outfits lost in the shuffle, aka not seen from season to season, as they've literally been lost in lack-of-organization.

There's a vest in there that I did not wear at all last fall.. because I could never find it.

Ohhh, look who got around to color coordinating the clothes! Two thumbs up, (if I do say so myself!)

This neutral loving girl indeed has an overabundance of grey and black in the closet. Trust me, I'm not complaining.

I spent this past Sunday afternoon color coordinating the closet, and removing about 30 pieces that I no longer wear, but that would be wonderful to share with others, and that's what I did on Monday. :)

I did not get a shot of the closet from a distance, because I want all of the hangers to be wooden, and unfortunately fell short of having enough. Once I receive my order of the hangers, I'll be completely pleased.

My husband has had this idea (for years, actually) of using the top part of the closet for storage, and has a pretty cool detailed vision of how it would look. In other words, the closet is an ongoing project, but I don't mind. I was just so relieved to organize everything, and wear a couple of summer outfits that I'd been unable to find before the season is over next Thursday, hah!