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Bookstore Treasures (Books & Beyond)

For the vlog this week, I spoke of going on the hunt for a new boutique. However, I've chosen to write about a favorite bookstore of mine and its meaning.. beyond the books, stationary, and beverages.

I discovered City Stacks while on one of my morning strolls in the city about two years ago. A lover of an awesome read, I was beyond thrilled to find this new bookstore, and the staff.. so sweet, so knowledgeable, so personable.

I fell in love instantly, and could not wait to bring my husband in to see my new favorite place. Since that morning, I've been in a number of times. Be it in search of a new book, just stopping by for a magazine and a beverage, or simply to say hello to the wonderful owners, each visit was a delight.

My last purchase from City Stacks, #GIRLBOSS.

The last beverage my husband and I bought from the bookstore, 7 Spice Root Beer.

This past week, while checking my emails, I saw something that caused me to do a double take. I was used to receiving emails from City Stacks, however this particular email said, Remembering Ben. After opening it, I was floored and quite sad to read that Ben, one of the owners of the bookstore, had passed away a few days earlier.

City Stacks had an open house memorial for Ben this past Friday, which was certainly heartbreaking, but how fitting and beautiful. I know there were so many, like myself, that enjoyed talking with Ben when we stopped by, as much.. or even more than we enjoyed searching for books.

Thank you for being a wonderful person, Ben. So happy to have known you.

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