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Books.. As Decor. Yep, That's Why They're Here. (Sarcasm)




plural noun: books

  1. 1.

a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers.

"a book of selected poems"

synonyms:volume, tome, publication, title;


We learn from them. Grow from them. Get lost in them.

... and decorate with them.

While recently watching one of my guilty, mindless reality television pleasures, I heard one of the people say that decorating with books was the latest thing. I chuckled, figuring it was a slow life week, and they just added something humorous into the show by saying that. A few days later, I saw it on another show.. I scoffed.. and then googled.

This. Is. A. Thing.

I had to make this a blog topic and gently poke fun at it. An avid reader since the time I first learned how to read, I've got books, on top of books. I've lost and cried over books I've lost while moving cross-country. I mean, they're everywhere in the loft. There's a snazzy ottoman nearby, and guess what it is overloaded with?


I actually have so many that I've read, (or have not got around to reading yet) that I had to hide a lot of them, or else the place truly would look like a library. My parents also love to read, and I was brought up seeing lots of books around, and the clever, neat, and rather stylish way in which they kept them naturally stayed in my mind, and as an adult, I happily adopted that style.

The Nikon I used before switching to the Canon naturally rests on top of a couple of books on photography.. with a cat book, you know, for good measure. :)

Woooo-ooo! There has to be a bit of Oprah in the place. Her coffee table book is hello- on the bottom part of the coffee table.

The books here are actually my husbands stash.

It's obvious the book of cocktails should go... wait for it, with the alcohol and liqueurs needed to make a cocktail.

The first publication that I was in rests here with a couple of my other faves.

The invisible bookshelf.. It's so great for a few more reads, as well as the Serenity Prayer.

.. and you must go top shelf for the top of the coffee table.. I kid, however, the Chanel book is numero uno on the coffee table.

If you're also an avid book reader, enjoy your books, through their contents, as well as where you opt to place them until you revisit them (read again.) PLEASE don't go purchasing lots of books, only for this, "trend.' For crying out loud, READ. Lol! :)

M Lundy is the Founder and CEO of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness. When not busy reading a great book, she's creating one.

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