Books.. As Decor. Yep, That's Why They're Here. (Sarcasm)




plural noun: books

  1. 1.

a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers.

"a book of selected poems"

synonyms:volume, tome, publication, title;


We learn from them. Grow from them. Get lost in them.

... and decorate with them.

While recently watching one of my guilty, mindless reality television pleasures, I heard one of the people say that decorating with books was the latest thing. I chuckled, figuring it was a slow life week, and they just added something humorous into the show by saying that. A few days later, I saw it on another show.. I scoffed.. and then googled.

This. Is. A. Thing.

I had to make this a blog topic and gently poke fun at it. An avid reader since the time I first learned how to read, I've got books, on top of books. I've lost and cried over books I've lost while moving cross-country. I mean, they're everywhere in the loft. There's a snazzy ottoman nearby, and guess what it is overloaded with?


I actually have so many that I've read, (or have not got around to reading yet) that I had to hide a lot of them, or else the place truly would look like a library. My parents also love to read, and I was brought up seeing lots of books around, and the clever, neat, and rather stylish way in which they kept them naturally stayed in my mind, and as an adult, I happily adopted that style.