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303 Dolls, Circa 2012

Excited. Bright eyed. New to the game. Green. Shy.

This week has been one of reflection and appreciation as I've celebrated 303 Face | Body's 5th birthday. An ongoing brainstorm session, with dreams-to-goals moments, eye catchers, life lessons, and "OMG that's awesome" times.

Years later, I still wake up in the middle of the night with an idea, or ten.. and rush to write the idea down. Its still the most wonderful thing to feel so alive and motivated about a company. Ideas and decisions come to me faster than I can put them into action.

To close out 303 Face | Body's birthday week, I've added a video that played on repeat while at my first craft fair in 2012. A bright eyed, happy about everything girl with naivetè (and an edge at the same time) had a thought to start creating her own skincare products, and the rest is history. When I first began the process, the vibe was more simplistic with handmade-charm, over time developing into what my ultimate vision is: Spa Grade. Handmade. Pure. You.

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