It's a Photo Affair

First of all, how amazing to just experience actual photos. Not what's stored on the Canon, computer, or iPhone.... actual photos.

In jr. high and high school, I loved creating collages. "Show Off" style binder folders for school held photos of family, friends, and boyfriends. Thumbing through magazines, cutting out my favorite images to bring various moments from here, there, and everywhere were also brought to life.. all in one place.

Scrapbooking was the natural next step after collages. Digitally, I have an endless scrapbooking collection, yet with numerous photos and fun thoughts of the moments, physically creating the albums is one of my new favorite things, and the books will be adorning the shelves inside of this loft. :)

Two pages in, I was 15 again, mixing moments and words almost faster than my hands could put the combination together. Therapeutic. Priceless.