A Bit of the Bay- Souvenir Files

On June 20, my husband and I made our way to San Jose (and San Francisco.)

Although I'm a native to California, it was my first time visiting these areas, and of course, we had a delightful time.

I also had a blast shopping, and finding fun little souvenirs. You most certainly cannot go to San Francisco without returning with a cable car of some sort..

I instantly fell in love with this cable car music box, and found a neat place in the loft to display it.

I also fell in love.. not with another man, with Muji. "No Brand, Quality Goods" is their logo, and quality is right. Such a clean, modern, all in one store. Unfortunately, there are not any locations in Colorado, but hallelujah for online shopping!

There was a location very close to our hotel, and after two days of wondering just what it was, we stepped in, and were in awe.