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Homemade Jerky, Pt. 1

This afternoon, part one of the jerky process is being created here at 303 Home | Loft | Wellness.

Started with laying out the the seasonings. (The seasoning and cure packet come with the jerky making kit, this particular kit is from Hi Mountain.)

For this particular time, a 12 oz beef roast was used. The roast is cut into thin slices with the knife and cutting board that comes in the jerky making kit.

You'll need to weigh the meat prior to seasoning, to ensure that you apply just enough seasoning to the amount of meat that you'll be curing.

The meat is then sealed in a baggy and refrigerated for twenty four hours. Tomorrow part two of the process will be documented, and delicious jerky will be completed at that time!

Marci Lundy is the Founder and CEO of 303 Face | Body, as well as the creator of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness, and beef jerky lover since childhood. :)

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