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Wellness Wednesday.. It's a Thing.. and a Lifestyle.

Each Wednesday, Marci Lundy, owner of 303 Face | Body will discuss the importance of maintaining a lifestyle of mental and physical serenity .

Our mental well being can be maintained by the simple act of appreciating that which is around us. The natural art that we see each day which is free for all, the Earth. Skies, clouds, grass, sun, flowers, rock formations, birds.. really, the list is endless.

In this day and age where persons seem to gloat on how much sleep they did not receive, or how full their life is, or how much coffee it takes to function each day.. How about starting the day awakening naturally, because we went to bed early enough and got ENOUGH rest. What if there was no need to awaken to the rude buzz (beep, song, or otherwise) of an alarm because when you've received enough rest, you naturally awaken. Get to bed at a sensible time. Awaken naturally. This will be a process for many of those that are not used to it. You'll need to ease into this. Try going to bed early for two nights a week, (in a row preferably) and watch the process begin to work. Naturally work your way up to three, four, five, six... and seven.

It is very important to get up at the same time each day, even on the weekends. You can always make time for a nap at some point, but its very important for your body to have a heathy routine, a healthy regimen. Once your body becomes used to waking up naturally, start your morning with a walk, or a jog if you're feeling it. Take in your environment. Notice the beauty around you. Be aware of your breathing. If you prefer to listen to something during this time, listen to pieces that are only instrumental. In the heart of the city and not much of natures soundtrack is visible? Listen to a sounds of nature playlist. Take tea or water along. Even if you only have 15 or 20 minutes, once your body develops a natural rhythm, you'll feel calm, empowered, fresh and ready for your day.

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