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Anytime o’ Clock Baths

Sure. There’s not always time for this sort of luxurious moment in the middle of any given day, however.. when there is time; color me bathing.

Anytime o’clock baths has become a must, for centering, sanity, and wellness.

With a skincare line dedicated to green beauty wellness luxuries, one day within the last two months, I opted to take my own advice and draw a hot bath, using Olea Bath Atom Soak, by 303 Face Body.

In all honesty, the last time I’d taken a bath was as a little girl, not for any particular reason other than showering saves so much time for people that don’t really have any, and therin lies the issue.

I, along with many in this world, continuously look for ways to cut down on time, when there needs to be more focus on making extra time for my most valuable asset:


At that moment of realization, Anytime o’ clock baths were born.

I’m utilizing the hell out of the moments, and when you’re able to incorporate these rather random baths into your day, do so.

I’m talking closed doors, soft music, soy wax candles, incense.. the Olea Bath Aton Soak by 303 Face Body is a particular winner, as it offers healing properties via citrus blends and essential oils.




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