Falling For Fall: The Must Haves

Other than ordering an excessive amount of pumpkin spice lattes and obsessing over foliage, one of the wonderful things about fall is THE FASHION!

I went through a five year period where I didn't have the love affair with fashion and style that I'd had for the better part of my life. It wasn't for a bad reason though, I had to focus on self care in a different way, and focus on planting my feet firmly on the ground. As I started to grow and thrive in those areas that needed to be tended to, I started to realize just how far I'd stepped away from maintaining my own personal style, and felt sadness over the disconnect.

Those days are behind me now, and my own personal style is back and firmly intact. Its been nice to rebuild my collection, and continue to enjoy old favorites.


I'm totally obsessed. Pictured: Mens Rose Gold Watch- Forever 21, Ladies Rose Gold Watch- Macy's, Rose Gold Necklace- H&M, Rose Gold Earrings and Cuff- Dillard's. Chocolate Diamond and Rose Gold Bracelet- Gift. (cheers to me!)


I mean really, living in Colorado, cowboy boots are always in fashion! I've had these for quite some time, and they've started to look better over time. Boots- Nordstrom