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A lover of quality of life, Dr. Marci Lundy helps others find their way to beauty and happiness with tips on skincare via her skincare company, 303 Face | Body. From cooking, to lifestyle blogging, Marci has made it all her niche. #houseof303 


From healthy, to hearty, you'll find a myriad of Marci's recipes here. The key is moderation, and exercise. A walk after each meal you create makes a world of difference.

Skincare | Lifestyle


Through her product line, 303 Face | Body, Marci helps you understand your skin and what butters, gels, or serums will work best for you. She'll also take you into the world of zen therapy, calming breathing methods, as well as aromatherapy.

Pure. You.

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 Marci C. Lundy

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