You. Are. Felt.

Your strength pulls me in.

Distorts my thought pattern...

Concentration becomes non existent.

You call me.

An extraordinary display of light.

Making virtually everything you touch, glow.. smile.

Taking me 'back,' to highly treasured memories, with the simple caress of your rays, to..



... birds.

...unorganized chatter.. soul grabbing laughter.

Sheer... happiness.

Powered by... you.

You take me into the future, motivated by mere illumination.

... "maybe" shifts to "confirmed."

... blurred vision shifts to clarity.

... somber shifts to rejoicing.


You lift me.

You fill me.

You pull me.

There's no denying you.

Never would.

Never could.

You're my addiction.

A force that, through your rays, without effort, calls my name.

You offer me-

- motivation.

- healing.

- power.

- insight.

A natural force unmatched.


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