Being someone that sees art in nearly everything, any given day finds me taking from 1 to 100 photos.

A few weeks ago, I captured the photo above and could not wait to develop it. I will be doing a matte border around it soon. I was actually so inspired by the image that I could not wait until it was complete.. I had to develop and frame it. STAT. Seriously. The print both inspires and soothes me.

Having such a passion behind images you capture offers a religious experience time and time again. I'd really have no part of the walls in the loft visible, because the urge to see that which captured my attention, mind, and heart would be on full display. Narrowing it down to favorites is never easy.

Although I have not added the matte border, I am so in love with this image.

The way that the sun was shinning onto the leaves here took my breath away.

I've placed the image high, and front row center in the main area of the loft. It offers a natural breath of fresh air throughout the day, and as one of the first images I see as I get the coffee going in the morning, I feel instantly refreshed.