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Friday Night Lights: The Dinner Session, not Football

It's Friday night, and you've had a long day. Now its time to think of what to make for dinner. Not in the mood to order fast food but in search of a fast meal?

I've just the thing.

Lemon Kissed Tuna Salad.

What you'll need:

Four 6.4 oz pouches of albacore white tuna

One lemon, cut in half (you should only need half of one)

Four green onions, chopped

One can sliced black olives

Two teaspoons celery salt

Two teaspoons black pepper

Four hard boiled eggs (chopped)

One cup mayo w/olive oil

Crackers ( No preference here, whatever type that you enjoy)

Combine chopped eggs, mayo, celery salt, pepper, olives, onions, and tuna in a large bowl, squeeze lemon half onto ingredients. Blend together, until mayo has completely covered the salad.

Grab your favorite crackers, a bit of sparkling apple cider, and enjoy! A light, yet deliciously filling dinner for a Friday evening when you're not interested in going the fast food route.

Bon Appetit!

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