When was the last time you sat down?

Granted, you may very well be sitting at this moment.. what I mean is when is the last time you sat down, and RELAXED. No cell phone. No tablet. No computer. No Netflix. Just you, a nice book or magazine, a non alcoholic beverage and a peaceful environment.

Sadly, a lot of people will be unable to recall the last time that happened for them, and this is very unfortunate for so many reasons.

 Finding your center is not simply "Buddha Talk." We all truly need to find that space which we feel calm, aligned and ready to conquer the world.

If you flop down on the sofa with your cell phone and a bag of cheetos.. that's fine, but you have to recognize that as not relaxing. Your brain is not in a peaceful state as you surf the web for new throw pillows, and the likelihood of feeling groggy from the cheetos is 100%.

Try setting aside an hour a day (at least) for pure relaxation. No downloading e-books, find a great book at your nearest bookstore. Most...

  Life stands still for no one, and in our quest to keep moving and push through whatever emotion we may be dealing with, we can unfortunately lose touch with our true feelings, which is unhealthy.

This will sound strange, but one of the things I actually enjoy about my cycle is getting in touch with feelings that I may have set aside (or not even realize that I had) during other days in the month. This doesn't mean that I literally cry over spilled milk, but I find that I am very aware of concerns, loved ones, and personal decisions during this time, and I allow myself to feel and deal with whatever the thought or concern may be accordingly.

I look at it as another opportunity to become centered, and always feel better for allowing myself to cry, laugh, connect with someone, or otherwise. Getting into your feelings can be good, whatever it is you need to process is not going to get better until you do.. :)

Marci Lundy is the Founder and CEO of 303 Face | Body.

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