As I Carrie Bradshaw the evening away on this last day of September, I am happily reflective. 

Some 6 years ago, I made a decision. That decision has lead to countless hours of brainstorming and projects for an artsy fartsy individual who loves to create. The decision has allowed for a love of photography and beauty products to marry together and develop a company. From Montage by Marci, which initially specialized in photography, to 303 Dolls by Montage by Marci, which began to incorporate a handful of charming homemade goods.

303 Dolls Face | Body became the company name as photography, though ever present, began to be a tool in the process of growing the skincare line, and less about the photographer and my landscape photography.

Through the various farmers markets, fairs, and bazaars, I began to.... although appreciative of those venues, sit, look around, and realize that I wanted the company to grow.... and to go in a different direction. I wanted it to be modern.. more sexy......

Summer is speeding by!

 Its been a fun and busy time thus far. A post from June 23rd that I forgot to post.

A'las, I did it!

For quite some time now, I've been expressing my desire to have an in-loft herb garden, and while out shopping a few weeks back, I happened upon mini herb kits that came inside of mason jars. I had a couple left over from when I started storing herbs for the 303 Face | Body SubtleTEAS herbal tea line, and yesterday morning, (a day after National Gardening Day) I was finally able to plant the seeds.

 A few weeks back, I'd gone over to our local gardening store here in the heart of the city, Urban Roots, to check on what sort of seed packets that were available. I decided on Marigold Signet (Lemon/Tangerine Gems), Basil (Sweet Thai), Lavender (English), and English Thyme. 

 There are so many things I love about our loft, and one of those is the wonderfully tall windows. Although I oftentimes miss having a balcony, I love the amount of light that we get in the loft, rain or shine.. and hope that it will be perfect in helping these awesome little herb...

 This past weekend, the mornings were brisk like fall, but the afternoons were summer light, and I wanted to delight in a beverage that captured both.... 

.... and of course, that's what I did!

Delish. Light. Easy. Refreshing. A perfect drink with a bit of a kick for the mild fall days.

What you'll need:

Fresh Mint Leaves (10)

 Lychee Fruit (1 can)

 Squirt Sodas (2)

 Citrus Flavored Vodka ( 1/3 Cup)

 Apple Pear (1)

You'll also need a blender and mason jars.

First, you'll chop up the apple pear, then add lychee fruit, citrus flavored vodka, and pears together in blender. Pour blend evenly into mason jars (depending on how many drinks you plan on serving, feel free to add to this recipe. This is for two beverages.) Add Squirt to the mix, garnish with fresh mint, and enjoy!

 Marci Lundy is the Founder and CEO of 303 Face | Body, as well as creator of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness. When not working on the company or the blog, you can find her enjoying the fall, while trying to hold on to a bit of s...

 Last evening, I wanted something hearty and easy to make. I'd been making beauty products all afternoon and was ready for a nice dinner. Wasn't in the mood for fast food, didn't feel like going to a restaurant, and my husband had a series of meetings that day and was probably going to be as hungry as I was! :) The garlic infused turkey breasts was just the thing.

What you'll need:

 The turkey breasts tenderloins, of course.

Cooking wine. ( 1/2 cup)

 Olive Oil. (1/2 cup)

8 tsp minced garlic

2 tsp salt

2 tsp cracked black pepper

I did the next step in two hours, but if you're planning your meals beforehand, you can do this next step for up to 72 hours prior to cooking.

After rinsing turkey breasts, use about half of the minced garlic to spread evenly onto the top end of each tenderloin, tightly wrapping each individual slice with saran wrap. 

 In a skillet, prep your olive oil, cooking sherry, salt, pepper, and remaining garlic on a medium setting.

Once oil and spices star...

Organizing photos, scrapbooking, and visiting Queen City General Store. 

This week 303 Home | Loft | Wellness will be creating tinctures, going over a few days in the bay area, as well as cornish hens in the summertime. 

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