On the heels of turning 40, I recently had an epiphany as I stepped into an elevator a few days ago. 

'Goddamn it, I want everything!" I exclaimed. Granted, there was no one in the elevator but me, however that was all that I needed... I put it out into the universe... I owned it... and seriously, I want it all. 

 As I currently sit, getting lost in a combination of the sound of turquoise nails gently tap dancing on the keyboard, whilst sipping on a Monster mocha, and occasionally falling into a trance from glancing over to the plume of incense smoke as it dances through the air, I realize as I inch closer to 40, workaholic vibes are starting to seep in, and I literally want to leave no stone unturned, which I find exhilarating, and damn awesome.

Coming from a life where, (and I'll be honest here,) I've been quite spoiled, I spent the better part of my twenties and thirties breezing through on looks and just enough. What's just enough, you ask? 

Just enough t...

September 9, 2017

What's that I see? Leaves changing. Fall is literally around the corner.

This summer has been an absolute whirlwind. I'd love to have a seat and take a moment to look at all that has been going on my darn self! Hah! Anywho, it has been a very fun summer.

My husband spent most of the summer in the play, Annie. I relied heavily on updating my social media during this time, as that is pretty much all that I had time for while assisting him with what he needed for the play.

 Did an interview for 303 Face | Body in Mid August:

The company listing for 303 Face | Body was listed in the annual skincare guide issue of Organic Spa Magazine.

 Launched the campaign for 303 Face | Body World, which introduces 303 Face | Body to different countries around the world, (this has been a lot of fun!)

Currently getting the Rose Tonic Facial Astringent ready for its debut in Australia's Good Green Box.. I know, pretty cool! 

In closing, you can see that I was absolutely not kidding when I say things have been b...

The following post is influenced by something that came up while out with my mother this week, along with thoughts I'll have every now and then about my life ten years ago.

First of all, let me just boast about how wonderful it is to sit in a place of clarity, able to speak from a place of love, make decisions with a peaceful heart and mind, and to love the reality of being nearly two years from forty.

The photo above is from the year 2007. I was 27, in a cute little studio in the valley, a cute four year old domestic short hair fur child named Dutchess ruled the place.. and in a relationship with a south central native that could have been written for a soap opera, really. I was happy, growing, and learning.

A photo from that year is being used because of the relation it has to what I spoke with my mother about earlier this week, as we drove about. 

I took the above photo one afternoon after I got off of work, a company that was nice to work for, but more than the company, I adored m...

It's best to never cry over spilled milk, because it may just be in your favor.

Last week I was opening up the closet door in a room that has been turned into our walk-in closet. Now, above each closet door there is a hanging display of all of our hats. There (was) also a shelf that I sheepishly put up (wasn't sure it'd stay in place) in January, below the hats, holding our watches and small bottle fragrances. 

It'd been adhering to the wall nicely for months with no issue, but this particular day, I opened the closet door, a hat popped off its display bracket, knocked over not only a watch or two, but the whole shelf came crashing down. Whomp. Whomp. 

Luckily, all perfume bottles were intact. There's a small puncture in one of my watches, yet nothing so bad that I'd need to stop wearing it. The shelf was also intact, but I knew I hadn't any interest in attempting to adhere it to the wall again, so hello!

It's time to go shopping for a display table!

I happened across the most darling...

 That woman. She wants it all.. and stops at nothing to ensure that she gets just what she wants.

The current mood is very SJP on SATC. 

The light of the laptop illuminates the room. A sufficient stock of tea and honey is on call as the current cup of herbs keeps my right side company. 

Words are imprinted onto the blueprint of my brain faster than I can type them, and its deliciously frustrating. 

Smooth jazz fills the headsets as my earbuds melodically dance to the sax and keyboard strokes. 

Right brain domination with hints of left brain as sensibility and starving artist traits bicker amongst themselves.

Three books.


Three books is the plan.. within the next year. Go ahead, hold me accountable. I'm all in.

Becoming an underwriter. Yes. Yes.. and Yes. Remember the company name 303 F | B, NPR.

Beauty Box. My eyes sparkle and I grin devilishly. You could choose to join them, but beat them.. Make your own.


They're freeing. 

They lift and separate.

It's all happening.

Right. Now.


 For the vlog this week, I spoke of going on the hunt for a new boutique. However, I've chosen to write about a favorite bookstore of mine and its meaning.. beyond the books, stationary, and beverages.

I discovered City Stacks while on one of my morning strolls in the city about two years ago. A lover of an awesome read, I was beyond thrilled to find this new bookstore, and the staff.. so sweet, so knowledgeable, so personable. 

 I fell in love instantly, and could not wait to bring my husband in to see my new favorite place. Since that morning, I've been in a number of times. Be it in search of a new book, just stopping by for a magazine and a beverage, or simply to say hello to the wonderful owners, each visit was a delight.

My last purchase from City Stacks, #GIRLBOSS. 

 The last beverage my husband and I bought from the bookstore, 7 Spice Root Beer.

This past week, while checking my emails, I saw something that caused me to do a double take. I was used to receiving emails...

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