In mid- September, I received a call about 303 Face | Body going through the process of putting together a media campaign with Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank and As Seen on T.V fame. 

I currently have so many campaigns and collaborations happening that I had to postpone. After trying to figure out if I could fit it in about 100,000 times, I had to ultimately wait.

Now, all of this is absolutely exhilarating.. but one of the most amazing moments in all of this is that 303 Face | Body is in high demand by this staff.. which is one of the greatest compliments for the brand that I could possibly receive. 

For years now, I've believed in what I make, comfortably and passionately promoting and selling each item. What a beautiful confirmation that hard work and dedication, without a shadow of a doubt, pays off.

 Marci Lundy is the Founder of 303 Face | Body, as well as creator of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness, and #BlogggerMonCherie.

 As I Carrie Bradshaw the evening away on this last day of September, I am happily reflective. 

Some 6 years ago, I made a decision. That decision has lead to countless hours of brainstorming and projects for an artsy fartsy individual who loves to create. The decision has allowed for a love of photography and beauty products to marry together and develop a company. From Montage by Marci, which initially specialized in photography, to 303 Dolls by Montage by Marci, which began to incorporate a handful of charming homemade goods.

303 Dolls Face | Body became the company name as photography, though ever present, began to be a tool in the process of growing the skincare line, and less about the photographer and my landscape photography.

Through the various farmers markets, fairs, and bazaars, I began to.... although appreciative of those venues, sit, look around, and realize that I wanted the company to grow.... and to go in a different direction. I wanted it to be modern.. more sexy......

Summer is speeding by!

 Its been a fun and busy time thus far. A post from June 23rd that I forgot to post.

 Well, we made it. 

Such an extreme, snow filled winter.. (this is sarcasm.) However, after a couple of months in boots, layered clothing and beanies, I'm ready for stepping out of the house in a pair of gladiator sandals and a sundress.

Spring serves as a natural stimulant for me. Beginning the morning with the sweet harmony of birds, gentle daylight caressing your eyelids, bringing you to your feet, heading out for an early walk before 6a. 

I'm uncertain if it is because of the requirements of my company, or if its simply my life's natural path, but with each passing day, my life is gradually becoming blanketed in aromatherapy.. meditation.. minimalism.. peace.

With 303 Face | Body, I'm constantly learning about natural healing butters and herbs for the products, and the study of this is starting to marry with my love of gemstones, caring for various plants, having a living space filled with healthy aromatic blends, healing sounds (flute, water, birds) being played throughout the lo...

 I live in a land locked state.. which has its ups and downs.. one of the 'downs' being no fresh seafood. However, the next best thing that I've found is shopping for seafood at Whole Foods.

The selection is always impressive.

My husband and I picked up red snapper, and while waiting for the butcher to prepare the fish, Tucker pointed out a couple of prepared  salmon burgers, and said, "You know, we could get those salmon patties and stuff them in the red snapper, being that the patties are pretty well seasoned and all." Sounded like an excellent idea to me, and that's just what we did this evening.

To create this delicious dish you'll need:

 Two salmon patties. If you're unable to find these at your local Whole Foods or market, they consisted of spinach, feta, scallions, salt, pepper, and ground salmon.

 Salt and Pepper (season to taste.)

One lemon, cut into eight slices.

 You'll cut four one inch deep lines into each side of the red snapper, inserting lemon into each side. (While preparing...

The year 2016 closed with-

.. A sense of loss for those that meant so much to us that were taken away..

.. A sense of pride for that which was accomplished..

.. A sense of love and loyalty to those that hold special places in our hearts..

.. A sense of calm as the sun set on not only the end of the day, but the end of the year..

.... and ultimately, a sense of happiness, for new beginnings. 

 M Lundy is the Founder of 303 Face | Body, as well as the creator of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness.

 The holiday season has been in effect for quite some time now, and most of us have delighted in a number of cookies, nuts, chocolates, candies.. everything dubbed 'holiday goodness.'

Well, things are no different here in the Lundy household, so this evening I decided to go light(er) with a  scallop and romaine based dinner salad.

Yes, of course it was delicious!

Here's what you'll need:

 Romaine Hearts ( 1 bunch and a half should do it, chopped.)

 Fresh Scallops ( 1 half lb. to a lb., depending on how many you're serving.)

 Pitted Black Olives (1 Cup, sliced.)

 String Cheese ( 1 Cup, shredded.)

Dates ( 1/2 Cup, sliced.)

 Hard Boiled Eggs ( 3 to 4, sliced.)

While slicing and chopping the ingredients, sautè scallops in skillet filled with 4 tsp olive oil and fresh garlic cloves on medium low heat.

 Starting with the romaine, add each ingredient onto your plate, garnishing with cracked black pepper and grated parmesan.

Bon Apetite!

Marci Lundy is the Founder and CEO of 303 Face | Body, as w...

It's best to never cry over spilled milk, because it may just be in your favor.

Last week I was opening up the closet door in a room that has been turned into our walk-in closet. Now, above each closet door there is a hanging display of all of our hats. There (was) also a shelf that I sheepishly put up (wasn't sure it'd stay in place) in January, below the hats, holding our watches and small bottle fragrances. 

It'd been adhering to the wall nicely for months with no issue, but this particular day, I opened the closet door, a hat popped off its display bracket, knocked over not only a watch or two, but the whole shelf came crashing down. Whomp. Whomp. 

Luckily, all perfume bottles were intact. There's a small puncture in one of my watches, yet nothing so bad that I'd need to stop wearing it. The shelf was also intact, but I knew I hadn't any interest in attempting to adhere it to the wall again, so hello!

It's time to go shopping for a display table!

I happened across the most darling...

 I love this little beauty!

As thrilled as I am to have the slow cooker in my life again, I have had no time to create new recipes, which is rather upsetting. 

.... but chin up, stiff upper lip, no need for fretting..

That is what Pinterest is for!

The first three meals I've made in it have been via Pinterest. The selection this go 'round was for Portobella Chicken because it boasted about only needing three ingredients, HELLO!

Sign me up!

Cooking it this evening, but its for tomorrow evening because I am SO not going to cook tomorrow evening, I'll be glued to the television during that time, like everyone else.

I've included the recipe below, and eventually, the recipes will be my own, once again.


 M Lundy is the Founder and CEO of 303 Face | Body, as well as the creator of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness.

 Other than ordering an excessive amount of pumpkin spice lattes and obsessing over foliage, one of the wonderful things about fall is THE FASHION! 

I went through a five year period where I didn't have the love affair with fashion and style that I'd had for the better part of my life. It wasn't for a bad reason though, I had to focus on self care in a different way, and focus on planting my feet firmly on the ground. As I started to grow and thrive in those areas that needed to be tended to, I started to realize just how far I'd stepped away from maintaining my own personal style, and felt sadness over the disconnect.

Those days are behind me now, and my own personal style is back and firmly intact. Its been nice to rebuild my collection, and continue to enjoy old favorites.


I'm totally obsessed. Pictured: Mens Rose Gold Watch- Forever 21, Ladies Rose Gold Watch- Macy's, Rose Gold Necklace- H&M, Rose Gold Earrings and Cuff- Dillard's. Chocolate Diamond and Rose Gold Bracel...

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