December 21, 2016

T'is the season to enjoy holiday nail color, fa la la la la.. or maybe not.

All of the products made by 303 Face | Body contain fresh butters, oils, and herbs, promoting the healthiest and purest skin, hair and nails.

I am not only a 303 Face | Body client, I'm also the Founder. I gain nothing by trying to make up how great the product is, I simply use the products daily, reflecting the benefits in my presentation of make up free skin....... 

and polish free nails.

The Lavandula Nail Humectant is promoted as being fresh and natural, creating a beautiful, healthy nail bed, as well as healthy cuticles. Not only is this a factoid, but it is so accurate that I've been trying to wear a few fun nail polish colors for the holidays, but the humectant works SO well, that my polish literally lasts about a day and a half, (no matter the brand, top coat, base coat, etc) and then peels off in one piece.

I kid you not.

So, this is indeed a first world problem, but imagine having a product that works...

This Sunday felt more like mid August than mid October!

With temperatures topping off in the mid 80's, I made sure to get outside and savor every moment of it.

I spent the early afternoon up at the Botanic Gardens. The foliage is simply divine right now, and there are pumpkins in fitting (and peculiar) places as they prepare for an upcoming event, Glow at the Gardens.

 I delighted in a peach danish amongst all of the beauty, and after I'd wowed and swooned over all that nature had to offer there, I made my way to the gift shop which always has lovely goods. This time around I found a bit of lovely that REALLY piqued my interest.

 Holy beautiful butterflies!!

I stared at this lovely set of butterflies for about 8 to 10 minutes.. while admiring them, I overheard someone say that the piece was $1800.00. 

I was temporarily thrown by the cost (lol!) yet continued to stare and fall in love. I moved to the left as I studied more of the art before me, and read about what had capt...

Having your own skincare line is wonderful. Being ahead of the trend, constant stock of your favorite items, and the joy of creating products that can increase ones self esteem and overall quality of life brings a sense of fulfillment that you would not believe.

Over the years, I had to get to a point where I realized it was okay to still love some of the products that originally caught my eye as a 14 year old.. the products within the folded over Harpers Bazaar pages, the alluring containers that they were in, and the overall way that each product made me feel.

For the last 10 years, I've made a stop to Sephora the month of my birthday to pick-up my awesome little gift, which this year is the Marc Jacobs lip and eyeliner set. In this regard, some things never change. 

The bag sits around the loft for days, so that I can admire it from time to time, and I relive the repeated emotion of being thrilled that inside of that bag a cute, fun, and girly item exists for my sheer delight and excit...

September 2, 2016




  1. a food preparation in the form of a paste or solid block made from roasted and ground cacao seeds, typically sweetened.

    "a bar of chocolate"




  1. 1.

    the thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person or animal.

    "I use body lotion to keep my skin soft"

    synonyms:epidermis, dermis, derma 

Add a chocolate based skincare product to your skin for removal of dead skin cells and proper moisture and what do you have?

The Chocolate Mud Salve, by 303 Face | Body 

Our skin is always on the spot, so we've got to keep it soft.. looking and feeling like a dream.

This delicious chocolate mud salve is made with fresh ground cocoa, skin nourishing oils, and exotic salts, bringing you a great way to rid yourself of dry, dull skin, helping to bring soft and glowing skin to life!

More than forty of these luxuriously good-to-you good-for-you products have been sold. Feedback from my clients is ge...

 Limes are an excellent way to add a refreshing zest to so many items.. and lime for skin and hair is just as wonderful.

Rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, lime works exceptionally well in lightening dark spots, cooling and calming skin after a day in extreme sunlight, preventing acne breakouts, as well as possessing anti-aging benefits. 

Natural, good-to-your-skin ingredients are what the focus is at 303 Face | Body. The Revitalizing Lime Repair Moisturizer by 303 couples the pore tightening, acne reducer of lime, as well as the vitamin D enriched skin softener of hemp for a moisturizer that will have your skin literally thanking you. Apply to clean, towel dried skin and feel the gentle cooling product at work.

Lime also works wonderfully on your scalp, reducing dandruff, yes dandruff! 303 Face | Body Revitalizing Lime Dry Shampoo sets your scalp free with this gem. 

Marci Lundy is the Founder and CEO of 303 Face | Body... and avid fruit lover. :)

 When I was 13, my mother started getting regular subscriptions of Seventeen Magazine for me. Now what that did was turn a little girl that was not so ready to face her teenage years into a young lady that was basically OBSESSED with darling/cute/fun beauty products. Naturistics, Bonnie Bell, Hard Candy, Revlon Toast of New York lipstick, Navy, Sand and Sable, I could go on forever, but I will not.

I will, however, tell you what was starting to develop here.

Without this teenage girl even knowing, she was starting to develop the knowledge of what would one day become her passion, her career, her company. All she knew at that time was how great it felt to thumb through the pages, admiring various products.. the creative ways that each item would be photographed, folding over pages that she wanted to revisit.


Unconsciously doing her research. 

Until my move from L.A to Colorado a few years ago, I still had my first issue of Seventeen and my first Harpers...

... and taking care of of our external body, our temple, is equally important.

Self care consists of a myriad of different things, and often times we find ourselves neglecting our temple. "Oh I've got to plan a spa weekend one of these days." Well putting that spa weekend off is not taking care of the current wear and tear that you're experiencing. Taking a spa moment for yourself is easier than you think, and you can experience that luxurious feeling at home.

 Start with AloeSpea Body Wrap, by 303 Face | Body, which is currently featured in the Wellness edition of Organic Spa Magazine. This aloe and spearmint based wrap will both moisturize and enlighten your senses. Apply liberally to body (for external use only.) Leave on for 30 minutes, you'll fall in love with the amazing cooling sensation, while your skin will begin to feel wonderfully smooth and taut. Rinse away in bath (or shower.)

 After rinsing off the AloeSpea wrap, exfoliate and cleanse with the Hibiscus Bath Bar by...

I live for activated charcoal. Seriously. I use it everyday, more than once a day, and perhaps you should also.

Known for removing toxins as well as well as whitening teeth, it is amazing when used for your daily skincare regimen.

 As a person with oily skin, activated charcoal really tones down the naturally oily nature of my skin, without overdrying, and I never need to use foundation or powder. 

 A recent photoshoot for 303 Face | Body where I wore the Sugarcane Spice lip duo set by 303 Face | Body and nothing else, just a freshly washed face with my go-to for the last five years, the Poppy Block.

Peppered with amaranth seeds for a natural exfoliation and of course, activated charcoal, this bar works wonderfully all seasons. No need to change your regimen because of a new season, this is a winner year round, and for an effective, time saving ( no foundation or powder) regimen each day, activated charcoal receives an overwhelming YAY!

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