It's best to never cry over spilled milk, because it may just be in your favor.

Last week I was opening up the closet door in a room that has been turned into our walk-in closet. Now, above each closet door there is a hanging display of all of our hats. There (was) also a shelf that I sheepishly put up (wasn't sure it'd stay in place) in January, below the hats, holding our watches and small bottle fragrances. 

It'd been adhering to the wall nicely for months with no issue, but this particular day, I opened the closet door, a hat popped off its display bracket, knocked over not only a watch or two, but the whole shelf came crashing down. Whomp. Whomp. 

Luckily, all perfume bottles were intact. There's a small puncture in one of my watches, yet nothing so bad that I'd need to stop wearing it. The shelf was also intact, but I knew I hadn't any interest in attempting to adhere it to the wall again, so hello!

It's time to go shopping for a display table!

I happened across the most darling...

 I love this little beauty!

As thrilled as I am to have the slow cooker in my life again, I have had no time to create new recipes, which is rather upsetting. 

.... but chin up, stiff upper lip, no need for fretting..

That is what Pinterest is for!

The first three meals I've made in it have been via Pinterest. The selection this go 'round was for Portobella Chicken because it boasted about only needing three ingredients, HELLO!

Sign me up!

Cooking it this evening, but its for tomorrow evening because I am SO not going to cook tomorrow evening, I'll be glued to the television during that time, like everyone else.

I've included the recipe below, and eventually, the recipes will be my own, once again.


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November 1, 2016

 Nature's elements, at work for your well being. Herbs, butters, zen photography.

The House of 303 Beauty Box is a luxurious garden spa treat, made specially for you. 

Every 60 days. 

Pure. You.

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