1. 1.

    a round stone fruit with juicy yellow flesh and downy pinkish-yellow skin.

  2. 2.

    the Chinese tree that bears the peach.

Happy Summer, everyone!

It's time for swimming, shorts, fun in the sun, and an assortment of delicious fruit.

About three years ago, I was at the market buying fruit for smoothies when I came across white peaches. A lover of fruit, I could not believe I hadn't seen them before, and I may have.. but simply overlooked them.

Fast forward to current day and I am a loyal fan. Here's a bit of information about white peaches.

Prior to the 1980s, farmers typically threw white peach varieties into the trash. Before these fruits became a commodity, farmers believed these easily-bruised, light colored peaches would not sell like the traditional yellow variety. In the 1980s, however, consumer tastes evolved to demand a sweeter, less acidic fruit. White peaches fit this description, and soon began selling at top prices. Today, it is...

This week 303 Home | Loft | Wellness will be creating tinctures, going over a few days in the bay area, as well as cornish hens in the summertime. 




  1. the plants of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.

    "the desert flora give way to oak woodlands"

    • a treatise on or list of the plant life of a particular region or period.

      plural noun: florae; plural noun: floras

Hello, I'm Marci, and I'm a floraholic.. Yes, you read that right. Be it as I stroll along in the early morning or evening, or while standing in an outdoor line any given place for any given thing, my adoration of flowers is huge:).

When you love flowers that much, of course you're going to have them throughout your living space. 

 The loft is always decorated with flowers, and I used to become upset when the beauties would die... but then the marvelous idea of keeping them around by creating potpourri came to me.

You would not believe how tall that clear vase is with all of the potpourri flora from my past loft bouquets is.. that was done on purpose, of course! The process of creating potpourri is fun...

Yesterday I went over the details to making homemade jerky, prepping the batch for cooking.

The recipe calls for placing the strips directly on the oven racks, using suggested jerky screens from Hi Mountain, but each time I've made it I simply cook it on a nonstick pan. 

 It's best to cook the jerky at the lowest oven setting. As far as time goes, wise information from my father is to cook the jerky for as long as your personal taste preference wants it to be cooked, and since it's at the lowest setting, that could be quite some time. This morning I put the jerky in the oven at 9:30 a.m and took it out  just a few moments ago, 1:30 pm....

 ..... and I've got to tell you, it's absolutely amazing.

 M Lundy is the Creator of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness and 24/7 creative type. :)

 You're as cold as ice.. and that's a good thing.

Earlier this week, I spoke about finding cherries at the Union Station Farmers Market, and of course there are numerous recipes that you can make with cherries. Here's a fun, no mess, low fuss way to make spa water with the naturally sweet treat.

I love this particular ice tray, extra large, giving you more area for more fruit for the cubes. This ice tray by Tovolo is six cube, and extremely flexible. I did two cherry cubes, two spearmint cubes, and two/spearmint cherry cubes.

Naturally you don't have to wait very long for everything to become frozen, I made up the cubes before bedtime and deposited them into my favorite pitcher first thing this morning.

As you can see, I've clearly been helping myself:) The cubes have stayed firm for an hour and a half, and counting. 

Although these are perfection for spa water, you can also create lemon/limeade cubes, pineapple juice cubes.. the list goes on.

M Lundy is the Founder and CEO of 303...

 This afternoon, part one of the jerky process is being created here at 303 Home | Loft | Wellness.

Started with laying out the the seasonings. (The seasoning and cure packet come with the jerky making kit, this particular kit is from Hi Mountain.) 

 For this particular time, a 12 oz beef roast was used. The roast is cut into thin slices with the knife and cutting board that comes in the jerky making kit.

 You'll need to weigh the meat prior to seasoning, to ensure that you apply just enough seasoning to the amount of meat that you'll be curing. 

The meat is then sealed in a baggy and refrigerated for twenty four hours. Tomorrow part two of the process will be documented, and delicious jerky will be completed at that time!

 Marci Lundy is the Founder and CEO of 303 Face | Body, as well as the creator of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness, and beef jerky lover since childhood. :)

 This week, we'll be making dishes with cherries fresh from the Farmers Market, having fun making beef jerky, and creating our own art with lovely florals.





  1. a plant that grows on another plant but is not parasitic, such as the numerous ferns, bromeliads, air plants, and orchids growing on tree trunks in tropical rain forests.

 A love that is free of worry, excessive maintenance, and brings ongoing delight and beauty.

I'm talking about my love affair with epiphytes, or air plants.

For the last ten years, this has been my plant of choice. Painfully easy to maintain, this plant grows above ground, and thrives via rain, dust, or an occasional spritz in your loft or home space.. trust me, I know.

 I also occasionally soak the little darlings in a tepid sink bath. If you're going to water them this way, soak them from 15 to 30 minutes, drying them upside down.

Fun Fact: Orchids are also in the family of epiphytes.

If you've got a busy life, have not had great success in maintaining houseplants, want to add oxygen to your living space with plants, or just find air plants awesome... get you some!

Since air plants grow...

I cannot even express how stoked I was about learning that Union Station was going to have a Farmers Market this summer. Don't judge, we all have our 'happy place!' :)

Anywho, I wanted to get there before festivities officially kicked off to get photos and video footage, as well as check out the goods! I wanted to purchase everything I saw, but fortunately was able to stay in control, making it out of there with spearmint, peonies, jam, and my life:)

I look forward to attending each Saturday that it is around. Below you'll see a bit of what was there as I took in the market.

 M Lundy is the Founder and CEO of 303 Face | Body, and lover of all things Farmers Market.

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