A'las, I did it!

For quite some time now, I've been expressing my desire to have an in-loft herb garden, and while out shopping a few weeks back, I happened upon mini herb kits that came inside of mason jars. I had a couple left over from when I started storing herbs for the 303 Face | Body SubtleTEAS herbal tea line, and yesterday morning, (a day after National Gardening Day) I was finally able to plant the seeds.

 A few weeks back, I'd gone over to our local gardening store here in the heart of the city, Urban Roots, to check on what sort of seed packets that were available. I decided on Marigold Signet (Lemon/Tangerine Gems), Basil (Sweet Thai), Lavender (English), and English Thyme. 

 There are so many things I love about our loft, and one of those is the wonderfully tall windows. Although I oftentimes miss having a balcony, I love the amount of light that we get in the loft, rain or shine.. and hope that it will be perfect in helping these awesome little herb...

Naturally fresh spearmint.

The woody nature of chicory.

The aromatic positivity carried through notes of cinnamon.

The sweet zest of grapefruit peel.

303 Face | Body welcomes 2017 with the excitement of being an herbalist, as well as special attention focused on enhancing 303's skincare line with an assortment of portable herbal healing powers with a new aromatherapy line.

Exhilaration, quick pick-me-ups, and assistance with migraines and various other health ailments. 

Pure. You.

 M Lundy is the Founder of 303 Face | Body, as well as Creator of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness.

December 21, 2016

T'is the season to enjoy holiday nail color, fa la la la la.. or maybe not.

All of the products made by 303 Face | Body contain fresh butters, oils, and herbs, promoting the healthiest and purest skin, hair and nails.

I am not only a 303 Face | Body client, I'm also the Founder. I gain nothing by trying to make up how great the product is, I simply use the products daily, reflecting the benefits in my presentation of make up free skin....... 

and polish free nails.

The Lavandula Nail Humectant is promoted as being fresh and natural, creating a beautiful, healthy nail bed, as well as healthy cuticles. Not only is this a factoid, but it is so accurate that I've been trying to wear a few fun nail polish colors for the holidays, but the humectant works SO well, that my polish literally lasts about a day and a half, (no matter the brand, top coat, base coat, etc) and then peels off in one piece.

I kid you not.

So, this is indeed a first world problem, but imagine having a product that works...

 This week, there's a new love in town.. Peruvian Butterflies. Also dishing on fall fashion accessories, and becoming an herbalist.

So, guess what I did last Saturday? 

 It has something to do with the decorations on the vanilla candle pictured here.

Yep, that's right (even if you weren't trying to guess!) I took a pressed flower decorating course.

Approximately every two months, members of the Denver Botanic Gardens receive a guide discussing upcoming art that will be featured in the garden, courses, and events. After taking up space on the kitchen table for about a month, I finally dedicated an afternoon to thumbing through the pages and marking the dates of events that were of interest to me on my calendar.

I set this particular course date to notify me two days beforehand. I shrieked with delight because I'd forgotten about it, and asked my husband if he minded joining me. Although not his cup of tea at all.. he did.. but took his iPad and did not participate at all. :)

 There were about 15 of us in the class, and each lady was possibly more stoked than the other about being there. Two course instructors g...

August 26, 2016




plural noun: herbs

  1. 1.

    any plant with leaves, seeds, or flowers used for flavoring, food, medicine, or perfume.

    "bundles of dried herbs"

 For five years, I've integrated the use of various herbs into 303 Face |  Body Bath Teas, foot soaks, and soaps. Within the last year, custom made herbal tea blends have been added to the House of 303, and although a delicious and wonderful addition, my herbs were beginning to overwhelm the storage area dedicated to them, and a need for neat and proper storage was in 911 mode! :)

The House of 303 Fresh Spearmint and the alluring to the eye Blooming Tea.

 Proper cute n' old fashioned labeling system.

Bought these darling mini jars at my favorite craft store.

 Found the perfect cart for storing all of the herbal contents also. Just the right size, does not take up much space in the loft. 

At last! I'm storing my ever-growing stock of herbs in an easy to reach area, and they're appealing to the eye in their cur...

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