Marci Lundy, Founder of CEO of (then) 303 Dolls Face & Body, circa December, 2013.

 In the beginning of 2014, 303 Face | Body started to go under construction, while still operating. The company started in a very down to earth, handmade/homemade manner. 

 Pictured Above: Silky Vanilla Salt, by (then known as) 303 Dolls, by Montage by Marci, circa 2012. 

That period of developing the company was completely surreal. This photographer that had always adored buying trendy beauty products, was now on a journey that found her creating beauty products of her own! 

Craft fairs, articles, and testing on friends soon followed, and what started as a woman in search of proper moisturizing skincare in her new home state, became a woman that developed a modern, trendy, organic skincare line. 

 M Lundy, Founder and CEO of (now) 303 Face | Body, circa Spring of 2015.

As the company nears its four year anniversary, I am very proud of its accomplishments, the most recent being 303 Fac...

 When I was 13, my mother started getting regular subscriptions of Seventeen Magazine for me. Now what that did was turn a little girl that was not so ready to face her teenage years into a young lady that was basically OBSESSED with darling/cute/fun beauty products. Naturistics, Bonnie Bell, Hard Candy, Revlon Toast of New York lipstick, Navy, Sand and Sable, I could go on forever, but I will not.

I will, however, tell you what was starting to develop here.

Without this teenage girl even knowing, she was starting to develop the knowledge of what would one day become her passion, her career, her company. All she knew at that time was how great it felt to thumb through the pages, admiring various products.. the creative ways that each item would be photographed, folding over pages that she wanted to revisit.


Unconsciously doing her research. 

Until my move from L.A to Colorado a few years ago, I still had my first issue of Seventeen and my first Harpers...

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