Ten days into earth month.. seems that I literally just wrote my blog on the month being near.

Well, as all things green are on my mind a tad bit more than average, I'm pinpointing the spot (as well as the herbs) that I want to grow in my indoor herb garden. Super stoked about this.. as I shop weekly for fresh herbs, cannot wait to simply grow my own.

 As much as I adore our loft, I loathe the fact that we do not have a balcony.. but I love options.. and the windows in the loft are tremendous (lol) and an indoor window garden box will work wonderfully!

-Pictured Above- Inspo (and green food porn) for ideas on what to add to my garden..  from the start of last years Farmers Market at Union Station.

As my mind wanders with anticipation, it also wanders with excitement for an upcoming adventure.. coming soon!

M Lundy is the Founder of 303 Face | Body, as well as Creator of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness.

 April 1 is right around the corner, kicking off what has become known as Earth Month.

Although it's wonderful to highlight something that greatly affects all of us (the care of our planet) in a particular month, a large percentage of us realize that it is important to make more of a lifestyle change than simply be a 'do gooder type' for one month.


Eat more plant based meals.

Plant trees.

A few things one can start with. If each person took advantage of Earth Month by simply learning or practicing all or a few of the above lifestyle habits, it would make quite a difference. As a nature lover, I'm always excited to practice taking care of protecting our planet year 'round.. a habit that was developed by celebrating Earth Day as a child in elementary school. 

So turn off the lights and tv when you're not using them.. switch to low energy light bulbs.. sound easy?

It truly is.

Allow Earth Month 2017 to set the tone for caring for our planet all year.

M Lundy is the Founder of 303 Fac...

 Living in the heart of the city, I developed a fondness for grocery delivery. Don't drive but want to get eight honeydew melons for a fruit salad? 

Hello! Grocery delivery.

This week I wanted a couple of specialty items and opted to physically go to the store. (Lol) Anyhow, this evening I made a quick, easy, and delicious meal, Italian Sausage w/ Wheat Pasta & Mozzarella Sauce.

What you'll need:

Wheat Pasta (a little less than half of the package for two people.)

1 lb Italian sausage.

This go 'round, I did not make the sauce from scratch, so, helloo.. I used Ragu, hah!

Two cups, sliced mushrooms.

Two cups, green onion (chopped).

1tsp olive oil.

1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese.

1/cup shredded sharp cheddar.

4 tsp coarse ground black pepper. 

Boil 1/2 pot hot water (with a pinch of salt) for pasta, and warm skillet on medium low with one tsp of olive oil. Once water starts boiling, add pasta and simmer on medium setting. Once olive oil is hot, add Italian sausage to skillet, cooking on medium lo...





  1. an aromatic European plant of the daisy family, with white and yellow daisylike flowers.




  1. 1.

    a prickly bush or shrub that typically bears red, pink, yellow, or white fragrant flowers, native to north temperate regions. Numerous hybrids and cultivars have been developed and are widely grown as ornamentals.

Organic, healing skincare is what 303 Face | Body is all about. 

It's quite simple, really.. if its difficult (or impossible) to pronounce, try not to apply it to your skin.

Beginning March 1, 303 Face | Body will start a line simply called, Botanicals.

Plant Based.

Derived from Mother Earth.

Presented to you, by way of 303 Face | Body.

A marriage of moisture driven oils scented by petals, buds, and stalks that soak up the oils, while simultaneously giving back to the oils..

giving you the reward of silken skin.

Pure. You.

 Marci Lundy is the Founder of 303 Face | Body, and the Creator of 303 Home | Loft | Wellness...

 I live in a land locked state.. which has its ups and downs.. one of the 'downs' being no fresh seafood. However, the next best thing that I've found is shopping for seafood at Whole Foods.

The selection is always impressive.

My husband and I picked up red snapper, and while waiting for the butcher to prepare the fish, Tucker pointed out a couple of prepared  salmon burgers, and said, "You know, we could get those salmon patties and stuff them in the red snapper, being that the patties are pretty well seasoned and all." Sounded like an excellent idea to me, and that's just what we did this evening.

To create this delicious dish you'll need:

 Two salmon patties. If you're unable to find these at your local Whole Foods or market, they consisted of spinach, feta, scallions, salt, pepper, and ground salmon.

 Salt and Pepper (season to taste.)

One lemon, cut into eight slices.

 You'll cut four one inch deep lines into each side of the red snapper, inserting lemon into each side. (While preparing...

You. Are. Felt.

Your strength pulls me in.

Distorts my thought pattern...

Concentration becomes non existent.

You call me.

An extraordinary display of light.

Making virtually everything you touch, glow.. smile.

Taking me 'back,' to highly treasured memories, with the simple caress of your rays, to.. 



  ... birds.

  ...unorganized chatter.. soul grabbing laughter.

Sheer... happiness.

Powered by... you.

You take me into the future, motivated by mere illumination.

... "maybe" shifts to "confirmed."

... blurred vision shifts to clarity.

... somber shifts to rejoicing.


You lift me. 

You fill me. 

You pull me.

There's no denying you. 

Never would.

Never could.

You're my addiction.

A force that, through your rays, without effort, calls my name.

You offer me-

-  motivation.

-  healing.

-  power.

-  insight.

A natural force unmatched.


After celebrating the home team Denver Broncos win in Super Bowl 50 last year, this time around the thrill and excitement for game day was not really present..

.. however game day eats were most certainly made!

Chicken wings are pretty much a given on this day. I was in search of something easy and fun to eat with the wings, and decided on stuffed mushrooms. 

Here's what you'll need:

20 to 40 fresh mushrooms

One package Italian sausage

1/2 cup Panko breadcrumbs

1 package cottage cheese

1 tablespoon lemon juice

3 cloves garlic

1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese

2 tablespoons olive oil

Preheat oven to 400. Remove stems of mushrooms, then place mushrooms on foil lined baking sheet. Heat olive oil in medium in skillet and and add sausage, cooking until no longer pink. Once sausage is ready, stir in panko breadcrumbs.

 In a large bowl, combine cream cheese, lemon juice, and garlic until smooth. Mix cream cheese blend and sausage together. Fill each mushroom cap with cream cheese mixture. Next, you'll b...

A Celebration.

A Dedication.

A Realization.

.... coming soon.


The following post is influenced by something that came up while out with my mother this week, along with thoughts I'll have every now and then about my life ten years ago.

First of all, let me just boast about how wonderful it is to sit in a place of clarity, able to speak from a place of love, make decisions with a peaceful heart and mind, and to love the reality of being nearly two years from forty.

The photo above is from the year 2007. I was 27, in a cute little studio in the valley, a cute four year old domestic short hair fur child named Dutchess ruled the place.. and in a relationship with a south central native that could have been written for a soap opera, really. I was happy, growing, and learning.

A photo from that year is being used because of the relation it has to what I spoke with my mother about earlier this week, as we drove about. 

I took the above photo one afternoon after I got off of work, a company that was nice to work for, but more than the company, I adored m...

 I spend a decent amount of time creating recipes, simply because creating different meals is a form of art in its own right, but sometimes.. I suffer from either focusing on something else and draw a blank for tasty dinner ideas.....

...or I just do not feel like cooking altogether.

Anywhooo.. Last month I received an email from Hello Fresh informing me that my sister had ordered a box for me. "How cool is this!" I said as I read about just what Hello Fresh is. Since a considerable amount of the month was spent entertaining, I set the schedule up for the meals to come at months end.

Hello.. Hello Fresh, I must say that I am THOROUGHLY impressed. I think you may have very well one this lady over.

 The first meal I tried was Sizzling Beef Stir Fry. The beef had a bit too much gristle on some parts, but the overall meal was delish.

 Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken, a total winner.

 My favorite meal, hands down, the Shawarma Spiced Pork. Ohmigosh, this was delicious!

I love that the ingredients are...

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