Marci Lundy, Founder
Founder of 303 Face | Body
Sugar Creme Scrub
Sugar Creme body scrub for luxuriously soft skin.
the CURE
Ultimate in organic body oil care.
Nature Lover
Marci lives for the great outdoors. True blue earth chick.
Pikake Flower Mask
Refresh skin as well as exfoliate with this all-in-one mask.
M Lundy
Not just the founder, also an avid user of 303 Face | Body products.
Being a photographer works wonderfully with having a skincare line for Marci. All photos for the brand are her own.
Measuring for the brand
Each ingredient is carefully handled and measured prior to being added into each product.
All products are made with love.
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A native of California, when I moved to Colorado a number of years ago I created 303 Face |Body, an organic, spa quality face and body product line. Moving to Colorado left my skin extremely dry, and the need for hydrated skin was my motivation.


Becoming a doctor of Chinese Medicine was quite important and necessary in this role as the founder of 303 Face | Body.


My heart smiles at the wonderful success the company has had. Being able to incorporate my love of photography, wellness, and self care via the Wellness and the City web series has been divine, and helping others cement their best natural self is paramount, and key.


Central Business District

Denver CO 80202

 Marci C. Lundy

 Founder and CEO    

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All products are made with love.